Singing Waters Christian Center
Singing Waters Christian Center

A Brief History
In the winter of 1963 a handful of Christians wanted to know more about a relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ, and to learn more about His Word, the Bible.


They formed the Catalina for Christ Association with Jim McKeever, Harry Stiritz, Dave Fletcher and Harvey Cowell as the first directors.

At first they met in a home on Clemente Avenue. They started with Bible studies for children and adults. Mr. McKeever was the first pastor. Soon they wanted to have Sunday service; so on February 9, 1964 the Catalina Bible Church was born.

Pastor McKeever left the Island in 1966. He was replaced by George E. DuGard.
On March 22, 1967 under the leadership of Pastor DuGard, they purchased Singing Waters, the former home of author Gene Stratton Porter (346 Catalina Ave.).


The church has seen many, many changes, but it still continues to be a place where people seek a close relationship with Jesus and His Word, the Bible.


While the ministry of the Catalina Bible Church has experienced changes over the years, its mission has always been to serve this island community with the love of Christ.
The church building was built back in 1923 by famous author and conservationist, Gene Stratton Porter. She named her home “Singing Waters” because of the musical notes she heard from the water flowing in her patio fountain.


With the expansion of ministry to include more “community center” activities, we felt it was timely to rename the Catalina Bible Church,  Singing Waters Christian Center.


The “day of worship” has moved to Thursday evenings at 6 PM to better serve the island’s unique way of life which finds many unable to attend on Sundays, especially during the “tourist season”.  This will give our “weekend warriors” an opportunity to gather for our weekly celebration.

What We Believe...


God: There is one true God, Creator of all good things.(a) He is one, yet is expressed as the following:


Father: Initiator and source of all creation. He is Love, (b) Light (c) and Life. (d) He is most easily understood and perfectly revealed to man in the person of His son, Jesus Christ.(e)

Son: He is Jesus. His life, as recorded in the Gospels, is the perfect expression of the Father (f), of His love, and of His plan to bring God and man into unity. (g) He gives all the Biblically recorded spiritual gifts to men facilitate that unity. (h) In his life, death and resurrection, he fulfills every prophecy written in scripture regarding the Savior of mankind. (i)

Holy Spirit: The promise of the Father. (j) He is the Spirit of God (k), and of Jesus (l) given as promise of inheritance to the children of God (m). He is God who lives in every Believer (n) and enables them to live the example that Jesus presented to his disciples in the Gospels. (o) He is our teacher, encourager, protector and empowerer. (p)

Creation: God created everything in perfection and in goodness, including mankind. (q) Since that time man, and by extension the world, seduced by sin, has fallen from his original standing of unity with God.(r)

Mankind: Created in the image and perfection of God, (s) now finds themselves in need of restoration to unity with God. Once restored by the infilling and power of the Holy Spirit, through faith in Jesus, becomes a minister of reconciliation to bring God and the world back into unity. (t)

Scripture: The Bible. It contains the Words of God to humanity. The Old and New Testaments combined tell the story of a Great and Loving God, and of His plans to bring restoration and wholeness to a world that desperately need Him. All scripture is inspired by the Holy Spirit, and recorded by men.(u)

The Church: Also called the Bride of Christ. (v) God does not endorse any particular denomination but is defined by the peoples, who throughout history, have been indwelt by the Holy Spirit. (w)

Kingdom: The Kingdom of God/Heaven was established with the earthly ministry of Jesus, has been advancing and will continue to do so without end. (x)

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f. John 14:9-11
g. 2 Cor. 6:16
h. Eph 4:8
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Weekly Message:     'He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.' John 4:8

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Location: 346 Catalina Ave., P.O. Box 1544, Avalon, CA 90704 Phone: (310)510-0073 Email: